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Top 7 Reasons To Shop at Mattress Mark

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1: Most mattress stores, and virtually all big chains, are commission-based. This business approach can lead to salespeople being incentivized, or even told, which models or brands to push on the unsuspecting public, regardless of whether those models or brands are the best for the money or for the customer’s needs.

At Mattress Mark, we ask you the important questions necessary to diagnose what you need. For example, if you need a guest bed that will only be used a week or two a year, you don’t really need to get a top-level mattress set. You can, but it should be up to you.

Commission-based salespeople probably would make very little, or nothing, selling you an inexpensive guest bed, which can lead to an annoying and underwhelming store experience.

And more importantly, if the mattress you seek is for yourself for everyday sleeping, it is essential that you get honest, helpful information when shopping for your new bed. How you slept last night has everything to do with how you feel today.

If you have some type of injury or have had surgery, some types of mattresses will defiantly be more beneficial to you than others. And what if a commissioned salesperson steers you to a mattress they make extra money to sell you, but is not even close to what you need?

With most mattress stores being commission-based, and over 1000 companies in this country making mattresses, how do you avoid making an expensive mistake? At Mattress Mark, our motivation has always been to get our customers into the very best bed for what they need, at whatever amount of money they wish to spend.

At Mattress Mark, you deal with the owner (that’s me) or the store managers ... and that’s it. At any given time, there is at least 10 years, and up to 35 years, of mattress experience on the floor to help you sort out what will best fit your needs.

At Mattress Mark, we have hundreds and hundreds of customers who have been in two, three, even five times over the years because we took good care of them; we will take good care of you too.

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2: Many mattress stores are not constantly searching for better quality beds to place on their floors. Instead, many stores seek deals from manufacturers in exchange for allowing those manufacturers to place their beds on the dealer’s floors.

The deals usually work like this: “I’ll give you a certain amount of floor space in my stores and buy a certain amount of beds from you during the next year. What will you do for me?

And the manufacturer will offer an amount of money to the store. Now the store must buy the agreed upon amount of beds during the next year, of give the money back...which they don’t want to do.

The part of that deal that can be problematic for the customer is that the commissioned salespeople are instructed to push those particular beds to the public, regardless of if the bed is the best for the money, or even if the bed matches the customer’s needs.

At Mattress Mark, our customers can be confident that the beds we offer are the very best that we can find for every amount of money our customer wishes to spend. We travel to several industry shows every year to make sure we are offering only the best for our customers.

We operate under the premise that if the customer is not completely satisfied, no one wins. Our goal is to get you into the best bed for you; simple.

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3: Over the years, probably the biggest complaint we’ve heard from shoppers is that the in-store experience is uncomfortable; frustrating; high-pressure; feels like buying a used car; is confusing; and on and on.

At Mattress Mark, the first thing you notice when you walk into one of our stores is that we are different than most.

We have classic album covers on the walls. We have live music. We offer free beer and wine while you shop. We are not commission-based, and we tell you the truth.

We have a relaxed, informal, information-based, common sense approach. We are not under the thumb of any manufacturer because we took money from them. We will ask the proper questions and make suggestions for what you need.

The atmosphere we go for is like if my cousin whom I had not seen in 15 years came in the store, not knowing I was there.

We talk a bit, then we give straight advice and offer options. When you shop at Mattress Mark, we want it to feel like you know someone in the business who will give you the straight information you need to make the right choice.

Our customers leave the store happy, and that’s the way it should be.

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4: We have been this business for a while now. Myself and our two store managers have seen the mattress business change and evolve for 15 years.

We have gotten very good at what we do. I think we are the best at what we do. Our experience allows us to know what questions to ask. This is really the key to fitting you to the perfect bed.

Through the years, patterns emerge. People who have certain needs ask for certain types of beds, and, inevitably, those beds don’t work out. With our experience, we can suggest either a type of sleep surface, or a feel, that will have the best odds of working out for you.

Some people just shouldn’t be on certain types of beds. It is very unlikely that a heavy person will sleep well on a soft, thick mattress. And someone who has always slept on softish

mattresses probably shouldn’t switch to a super firm mattress; it’s likely to be too much for them.

And probably the biggest challenge to picking a proper mattress is that the entire industry has completely changed since 2000. The beds some of us grew up with are no more. The big names...Sealy, Simmons, Serta, are all completely different than they were in the past.

Plus, there are alternative choices to consider...air, memory foam, latex.

The industry has changed so much since 2000, it really is unfair to expect the customer to know how to buy a proper bed without expert help.

Most mattresses are not two-sided anymore; you can’t flip them. That certainly makes choosing the right mattress much more complicated than it used to be.

At Mattress Mark, we are not commission-based and we pick our own beds to show and sell. Stop in, have a drink if you wish, and let us show you what is going on with mattresses today; it’s what we do.

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5: Despite our best efforts, sometimes the new mattress just doesn’t work out. this is one of the things that prevent people from shopping for a mattress. They are afraid that they will spend good money and not like what they get. After all, you only get a few minutes to try it out in the showroom.

Some of the reasons we are successful are that we only carry the best names, and we take the time to diagnose your situation and we have many years of experience. We find that by selling the right way, that is, only featuring great beds, asking intelligent questions and using our experience, we can recommend the correct bed almost every time.

But things happen. So we offer a 60-day comfort guarantee. Which means if a mistake was made, we can fix it.

We ask the customer to sleep on the new mattress at least 30 days and no longer than 60 days. The 30-day minimum is in place because, may times, when a customer starts sleeping on a new bed, their body is used to sleeping on an inferior bed. This can lead to the customer experiencing little aches and pains after first trying the new bed.

Most times this is simply due to the body reacting to being in the correct position again, after being our of position on the old bed. This reaction is fairly common, and usually dissipates after a few nights. Probably 99% of customers who call after one or two nights on their new bed, complaining about the feel, will get used to their new bed within 30 days.

But, rest assured that if after the 30 days, you still just can’t deal with the new bed, you can come in and do a one-time comfort swap. The customer pays the difference between what they paid for the first bed and the posted price of the new choice, plus a re-delivery fee.

At Mattress Mark, we only do a handful of swaps per year, but our customers are comfortable that they have the option.

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6: Another issue for the customer when buying a bed is, of course, price. Everyone wants the best deal they can get. And many mattress stores base their entire advertising campaigns on price, price, and price. The problem with that is the mattresses that are advertised for crazy-low prices are not what most customers want.

Those low, low prices are designed to get you in the door, then when you discover that the beds you can get for $197 are not going to cut it, you get switched up to more expensive models.

It seems that many mattress stores have their “best sales of the year” many times a year. In my opinion, price should always be secondary when buying a mattress. The customer should instead focus on finding a mattress that is built to last and is the correct feel, and is made of the right material to solve their sleep problems.

What good is a low priced mattress if it is not going to work for you?

At Mattress Mark, first and foremost, we will steer you toward the correct mattress for you. We will give you options, some more expensive, some less. Usually the more expensive options will work and feel better, but the choice will be yours.

And we have always guaranteed the price for 60 days after you get your bed.

Simply show us proof that you could have gotten what you bought from us for less elsewhere, and we will gladly refund the difference.

We have only given money back once in 15 years.

If you can get the expertise, and the best price everyday, why would you go anywhere else?

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7: If something goes wrong, we fix it.

Sounds simple, but it is anything but that. The number one complaint from customers after buying a bed is that they report some kind of problem with their new bed, and it never gets handled.

Number one.

Why? Because it costs time, and more importantly, money, to fix problems. And many mattress stores just aren’t willing to pay that price.

To their defense, mattress stores are at a disadvantage over many other industries in this arena. Most products that are covered by a warranty, are covered for one year or less. And if the consumer needs a replacement, they go through the company that produced the product.

Mattresses are usually guaranteed for 10 years, or longer. And most mattress companies require that the dealer that sold the bed to the consumer handle the replacement.

That means the store where you bought your bed has to buy another bed, probably more expensive than the original one, because the original one is probably not in production any more.

Than pay to have it redelivered and have the defective one removed. And the dealer usually has to wait several weeks to get reimbursed from the manufacturer.So the mattress replacement is a different animal than most any other product, leading some companies to drag their feet, or ignore entirely, the customer’s needs.

I decided long ago, that is not the way to do things. When a replacement is due, it is the customer’s right to receive one in a timely fashion, and our responsibility to get it done.

Whether we like it or not, that is the way it is. When you buy from Mattress Mark, if you do have al legitimate warranty problem...we fix it

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